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    Kobe: K; play presenter
    Allen: Ab (boy)
    Johnson: J
    BZ: B
    Arthur: Ag (Girl)
    Scene I
    K:            There was a lovely village in the countryside. Allen, Johnson, Bz, and Arthur are good friends. Here, they are creating the most beautiful memories.
    B:            Hey! Look! A shooting star!
    Ag:          Where?
    B:            Here! (Take out a big special ring!)
    Ag:          So, what is this for?
    B:            Will you marry me?
    Ab:           Sure, honey!
    (Ag takes out a hammer and hits Ab.)
    Ab:          Ouch! OK! I'll be quiet.
    J:             Hey, guys! What are you talking about?
    Ab:          They are talking about their future. (Point at Ag and B.)
    J:             Their future?
    Ag:          No! Our futures. I'm gonna be a worldwide famous writer.
    Ab:          I'm gonna be the greatest singer. And I'm worried that there will be too many girls hanging around and crazy for me!
    (J, B, Ag pretend to be disgusted.)
    J:             As far as I am concerned, becoming the most successful businessman is my life goal.
    Ag:          What about you, BZ?
    Ab:          To marry her, right? (Ab hits B gently.)
    Ag:          Come on! Be serious. Let him tell us.
    B:            I want to stay here and be a farmer.
    Ag:          All right! We're only ten now. Who knows what will actually happen in the next ten or twenty years?
    J:             Whatever our dreams are, no matter where we are, twenty years from now, we'll all come here having a reunion.
    Ab:          And don't forget, we are…
    K:            Wait for me!...
    All:          Friends forever!
    Scene II转自:/
    K:                      Twenty years later, at Johnson Rich's company.
    (Phone rings.)
    Secretary A:     Hello! This is Rich telephone company. May I help you? OK! OK! bye-bye!
    Secretary B:     (Knock, Knock, Knock!) Mr. Rich, may I come in?
    J:                       Come in!
    Secretary B:    (With a flirting look) Mr. Rich, Can I invite you to dinner tonight?
    (Secretary A cuts in between the two of them.)
    Secretary A:     Hey! Young lady! You may be young and beautiful, but I’ve been working here much longer than you. I really don't mind you inviting Mr. Rich to dinner, if you don’t want to work here anymore!
    J:                       Yo, ladies. Nothing but business, O.K.? Now, go back to your work!
    Secretary A:     Sir!
    J:                       Now what?
    Secretary A:     This is the ad for the new cell phone design, and the main idea is "It's a small world!"
    J:                       Good job! Look, my cell phones make the world smaller.
    Scene III
    (At Arthur’s new book press conference)
    Reporter A:      Congratulations, Arthur. We know that you are the winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
    Reporter B:      Why did you want to write this book?
    Ag:                    Well, I always believe that touching words can comfort people. Many people in the world live a difficult life. With words, we can tell them that they're not alone wherever they are.
    Reporter C:      Why did you name the book "It's a small world "?
    Ag:                    It’s said that “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Through words, we can express our love, thoughts, and feelings to our friends. The power of words shortens the distance among people and makes the world smaller, right?
    Scene IV转自:/
    (At Allen Baker’s concert…Allen’s fans are crazy for him and screaming everywhere.)
    Host:       Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome our super star, Mr. Anderson!!
    (Fans scream like crazy.)
    Ab:          (Singing) It can happen to anyone of us, anyone you think of. Anyone can fall. Anyone can hurt someone they love. Hearts will break. Cause I made a stupid mistake…
    (A fan shakes hands with Allen, and then passes out and is taken away.)
    Ab:          Thank you! Maybe you don’t understand the language I speak. Maybe we have different blood in our bodies. But I really hope that I can deliver something to you all and make you understand what I try to express. And I really really hope the music can shorten the distance between us and make the world smaller. Thank you! I love you all !!
     (Two crazy fans run to Allen and hold him tight. The guards drag them away.)
    Scene V
    (At Bz Farmer’s Big Tomato Award Ceremony…)
    Host:       Now! I'm honored to announce the first prize winner of the super award. Let's welcome Farmer of the year, Mr. BZ !
    (BZ runs up to the stage with a surprised look, and his fans cheer for him.)
    B:            My goodness! I can't believe it! Thank you, my tomato fans! (Waving to them with the trophy.) I love my hometown. I grow crops not only for the people living here, butalso for the people all over the world who are suffering from hunger and poverty. My childhood friends have all been very successful in different fields to make the world a better place to live in. Our love binds us together and makes the world smaller. I’m glad that we all made our dreams come true. Thank you! Thank you!
    Scene VI
    K:                Twenty years later, at the Home-coming Reunion…
    Ab:              (To J) I use your cell phone. It's great, man!
    J:                 (To Ag) And I read your book!
    Ag:              (To Bz) And I ate your big tomatoes. They are amazingly delicious
    B:                (To Allen) And I listened to your music. It really takes my breath away!
    J:                 Let's have a toast to my cell phones.
    Ab:              No! To my music.
    Ag:              To My books.
    B:                To my love and to our friendships.
    J:                 All these things have made the world smaller. We feel so much closer to each other now.
    All:              Oh! What a small world!
    Director:     Cut! Cut! You all did a great job. Let's call it a day.
    (Freeze the scene with them holding their belongings, microphone, cell phone, book, and big tomato.)